Blinking light

Everything is working perfectly, sounds normal but suddenly the front mounted blue standby button on my DAC Sr. is blinking very brightly. Is it telling me something? There are four of them in my system and it’s the only one doing it.

The only time I recall this light blinking is when loading new firmware.

Have you tried shutting it down, turning the unit completely off with the rear power switch, leaving it alone for a few minutes, and powering up again?

Thanks. I did reboot. Still doing it. Now I turned everything off including the PP. Waiting. waiting. waiting.

Back up and sounding normal. But still looks like the cockpit from Star Trek. Weird.

You may have done this already, but turn the unit off and take the SD card out (if it is still in the unit) and reboot. The DAC may be trying to reload firmware on the card, even though it should not.

Another idea is to load earlier firmware, and then reload the firmware you are currently using.

Thanks Mr Elk. No sd card in there. But I thought about the firmware backdate/update. I’ll try it.

Went out for dinner. Returned and it’s no longer blinking. Still sounds normal so I’m going to forget it happened.

Did you have a power failure?

My junior does not like power failures. I live in an area loaded with older growth trees and something always comes down at every storm. I also have odd intermittent drops in power for no apparent reason… I know this because my Tripplite voltage gizmo makes audible clicks when the voltage sags… just did it 5 mnts ago as I write this.

Just in case… I reboot the unit every week or so just because … well just because.

My junior is the only digital unit I had that has hickups with these power problems. The other day, we had about a 1/2 hour (?) outage… The display was black…could not get it to light up. Turned off the main switch…waited, it came back up fine. I notified PS Audio about this… I am not looking for a fix, this is something that has to be built into the physical power circuit architecture for protection.

Bruce in Philly

Hi Bruce
No power failure and during the blinky light episode, I noticed that all the stats on my P5 screen indicated all normal.
It’s fine now and I never lost functionality even when it was blinking. The only difference from when I left it blinking to when I returned two hours later and it was fine, was a beautifully cooked pork chop and a bourbon.

Here we go again. Blinky light. Plays/sounds normally delicious. I’ll call next week.

If you’ve made sure the SD card is out then this is strange behavior and certainly you should call us on Monday. We’ll get you fixed up. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you Big Boss Man. No SD card in. Since it doesn’t have any effect on performance, it’s all the more peculiar.