Problem With DS Senior - Buzzing And Flashing Screen Issue When Front Panel On Button Or On/Off On Remote Is Used


I have been away for a week or so and have had my DS Sr’s mains power turned off and unplugged.

Upon turning on, it goes into the initializing phase and everything is fine.

I didn’t dare play anything through it.

When I turned it off using the remote control for the first time, it turned off and the screen was blank. However, it turned on by itself again. When I use the remote to turn it off, the screen flashes and there is a buzzing sound. When I hit the front panel off button, the same symptoms appear.

However, when I switch it off using the rear switch and on again it will go through the initialising process. Things are fine until I try turning it off using either the remote or the front panel on/off switch. Then I get the same buzzing noise and flashing screen.

The only difference I feel is the rear switch feels squeaky when it is switched on but I do not know if that is my imagination.

I haven’t tried playing music through it.

I presume I can either leave it on all the time or switch it off at the rear when it is not being used.

@jamesh what is wrong with it and can it be fixed?


Did anything change in the system? New USB or I2S source plugged in? Also, are you going straight from the DAC to the wall or are you using a conditioner or regen?

No, nothing changed. Same USB source.

I am going from the DAC to a power strip with passive filtration to the wall.

I have been away before and this has never happened.

I left it on for a while (fully on) and the issue went away.

However, concurrently, the USB input had no sound. SPDIF - coaxial and TOSLINK were fine. I had to turn the switch at the back off and on multiple times before the sound returned. This is not. the first time there has been no sound from the USB input. However, before just one off/on cycle restored the sound.

The DAC is getting problematic. Any ideas what is wrong?