P5 Voltage Out & THD Out Query


I recently installed a pre-owned P5 power plant into my system. I believe my P5 is a custom build as it is designed for UK/European voltage (230V) yet is fitted with US spec (NEMA) outlet sockets. Using the P5, my system sounds okay but a little grainier compared to the IsoTek Genesis One AC regenerator it replaced which is surprising considering the P5 has superior specification.

Delving into the status screen, the VOLTAGE OUT is always .1 volt lower than the VOLTAGE IN and never mirrors the value (230V in my instance) selected in SETUP. Is this normal?. Furthermore whilst the THD IN is a respectable 1.4% or 1.5%, the THD OUT is always 1.1% or 1.2% which is rather disappointing. Switching between MULTI and SINE waveform does not alter the THD OUT, nor does selecting 240V instead of 230V in SETUP. Dropping the PHASE a couple of notches sometimes lowers the THD OUT by .1 but that’s it. Does it seem like the unit is faulty?

The THD out is concerning. I would expect it to be 0.1%.


I forgot to mention when switching the mode from LOW DISTORTION to HIGH REGULATION, the unit switches off all 4 zones and the message ‘Voltage Output Too High’ comes up on screen. Any idea what’s going on?

Are you certain this unit is made to be used on your voltage?

Yes. The PS Audio sticker on the box bearing the unit’s serial number states voltage is 220 - 240, furthermore the voltage out parameters in SETUP is 220V - 240V.

I assume the VOLTAGE OUT on the status screen should reflect the voltage selected during SETUP? In which case, if you examine the photo I uploaded, the unit is only regulating voltage by .1. It might also explain why the unit shuts off all zones in HIGH REGULATION mode, stating ‘Voltage Output Too High’ as the actual output (248.6V) is higher than the 240V max limit in SETUP.

Unfortunately, I do not know. Hopefully, @jamesh will see this and has an idea or two.

Your inclination appears to be right. I don’t believe the P5 is working properly. The voltage should be regulating much closer to the intended output that you selected. Also Elk is right, the output THD should be much lower. Even with it powering your gear, it should be around .1 to .3% out. That unit should be looked at by the local distributor in your area.

Thank you.