Problem with my new P10? Output Voltage much lower than it should be!

Hi folks!

I Just purchased the P10 a few days ago. Plugged it in and seemed to be working. Started using it with my system (just a low powered tube amp - Woo Audio WA5, a Chord Hugo DAC, and a Macbook Pro). Noticed that my right speakers were much softer than the left. Then, after a few minutes, the right speaker failed completely.

Looked at the P10 screen and noticed that although the Setup Screen Voltage was set to 230V, on the Scope screen the Input was about 225V, but the Output was only 181V to 198V (it fluctuates)!

The scope sine waves also look strange!

The system (amp and speakers etc) are fine when plugged directly into the wall socket.

Already checked that the latest firmware is present.

Also already unplugged for several hours and replugged again. No change.

Is there something else I should be doing?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


Screenshots attached. Apologies for the inversion - not sure why - they are right-side up on my side…

p.s. Another (small) issue - I just registered my item on the website, but even though I set the purchase date as 2015, on my profile page the item purchase date became 2014.



Try adjusting the phase tuning and let us know what happens.

Hi Paul,

Thanks very much for your reply here! Could I ask how much to adjust the phase tuning by, and how long I should wait to see if there is a response? I went from 0 to -10 and then up to +10, but didn’t seem to see much change in the output voltage. At this time it’s around 200v…

I really hope we can figure out a solution that doesn’t require me to ship the machine - it was a real PITA getting it shipped to where I am!

Thanks again for any advice you can throw at me.


p.s. I’ve attached the current Control web page.


I spoke with engineering and they think it’s not that. We believe you have corrupted code. Dave Paananen will be sending you special files to load and hopefully fix the problem. Sorry about all that.

Many thanks for the quick response! Much appreciated!

I received the files from Dave Paananen. Unfortunately they didn’t fix the problem and he thinks it may be a physical problem. I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to ship the unit back to the dealer in HK or maybe have them help me find someone locally…

Many thanks in any case for the quick responses. Just wish you guys had an agent in Shanghai!

Extremely delighted - I just received a call from the agent I bought the P10 from in HK (Radar Audio) - they have promised to figure out a way to fix/replace the unit for me, and more importantly how to get it done without me having to ship it back to HK from Shanghai myself!

Given this great customer service I’ve more or less decided to pick up a Directstream from them too! Just have to figure out how to haul that back to Shanghai!

Frankly - you folks should really consider some representation in Shanghai - I would imagine that most of your target customers in mainland China would either be here or in Beijing (and perhaps do what art dealers do here - transact in HK and deliver in China to avoid the crazy taxes here)!

Hi Jonjon

I have a similar problem with my ps audio ppp,can u please let me know how your unit got fixed.


Hi Neville,

Unfortunately it was finally determined by Dave (the head of engineering at PS Audio) that it was likely to be a physical problem, rather than a software one. However, my local (if you can call 1,230 kilometers “local” since I live in Shanghai…) dealer (Ricky Yeung at Radar Audio in Hong Kong) was very good in arranging for a courier pickup of my faulty unit and sending me a new one. I received the latter about a week ago and it’s working perfectly (so far)!

The experience with the PS Audio senior leadership and Radar was so good it convinced me to pick up a DirectStream DAC a couple of days ago!

Hope you are able to resolve your problem as smoothly!