P5 Under-Voltage Shutdown

After open the factory sealed box of new P5, start up ended, this message appeared on display : Under-Voltage Shutdown!

All outlets are off, status : voltage in 130V, voltage out 229,5V, THD in 7%, THD out 0,1%.

I am in EU, voltage system is 230V, so there is bad input voltage setting on P5.

What to do? Any advice? Thanks a lot.

What country are you in? Where did you purchase this? Can you let us know the serial number? We’ll get it sorted for you.

I am from Czech rep., P5 is from Austria´s distributor. I ordered it for my hifi friend to replace his old Power Plant (2x failured).

I am using P10 with excellent result, so I advised him replacing! With this result… I return it back, I tried to use older firmware, result was the same : Undervoltage,shutdown, display was upside down! With latest one added back is display well oriented at least. Sorry, but we have not such experience with high end electronics in the past. World is changing very fast.

I hope next P5 will be in order, if he will trust PS Audio…

Sorry about the problems. Let me know if I can help. Audio Tuning has a good service center and they should be able to help.

Replaced by P10, excellent result! Everything works fine well. P10 is another level…

There was firmware .45, any new version?