Breakin time for P20 or other power regenerator

Is there a breakin time for regenerators? My new P20 sounded a bit bright out of the box but seems to be settling down after running for 3-4 days.

I do remember there was burn-in needed, but I don’t remember how long. But it’s always a happy surprise when it “happens”.

Wait, you can hear your P20? It “sounds bright”? I’ve owned a couple regenerators, never “heard them”.

The sound of my hifi is very different and much better when everything is plugged into my P20.

Thanks, Ron
I pointed out that my P20 is getting better over time and I seem to have opened myself up for criticism.

A good number have reported improvements over time.

Adding a Power Plant could make a system sound brighter, darker, more dynamic, etc. depending on the system.

My experience is my systems sound “better;” cleaner and more transparent.

My P20 definitely improves the SQ of my rig, but, a bright sounding regenerator?

Enough with the insults, guys.

I have deleted the latest posts. Don’t make me stop the car.


Elk, once again, I hurled no insults. Why do you lump my criticism in with insults, like, idiot?

Yes, like any amplifier it will settle down. It is In fact an amplifier and my P5 and P10 both had to settle down a bit. Didn’t take long but they did become better sounding after about a week with a constant draw on them. I have no doubt you correctly heard what you believe you heard.

I thought it sufficient to delete the posts in which the two of you did nothing but exchange insults. I have now gone back and edited the posts by each of you, and removed the insulting language you each employed which started the unfortunate exchange.


New forum user here so greetings to all. I’ve just acquired a P20, had it running for just over a day. One thing that is apparent is that the bass in my system is a somewhat lacking with the P20 in place. That aside, it is otherwise sounding really excellent.

I wanted to ask the good folk on here if this lack of bass is likely to improve as the unit breaks in? I do have good quality power cables both into and out of the P20.


It may be firming and tightening up the bass which can sound like less bass but certainly give it a week or so before passing judgement.

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Welcome, and can you fill us in on the rest of your system? Are you using the 20 amp power input?

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Thanks guys for the welcome!

I am running the P20 in Australia using a 240V outlet so it takes a 10 amp power input from the wall. There is no option for the 240V units for different power inputs.

My equipment is Simaudio Moon 860A amplifier, Moon 390 Preamp / DAC, B&W 804D3 speakers, Rel S3/SHO sub running on high level outputs. Power cable into P20 is Cardas Clear Beyond, power cable to amplifier is Nordost Red Dawn. Using AudioQuest Fire interconnects and AudioQuest Comet single biwire speaker cable. (Incidentally the Rel subwoofer is not plugged into the P20 as I need to get a power cable long enough to reach.)

@brett66 I did question whether the lack of bass is due to tightening of the bass but it certainly didn’t sound that way.

Obviously, you need another Rel sub. -Joking of course. And the sub(s) will probably sound better plugged into the P20.

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If I were you try changing the setting from sine to multi wave and play with the setting, I enjoyed the highest setting 6, the bass did change in my system


Thanks Veneet, I will give this a try.

Happy to help!

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I don’t know that we’ve ever built a piece of electronics (or speakers) that didn’t benefit from break in. When we unbox new equipment for a show we always spend a week or two burning them in so we get decent sound.