Breakin time for P20 or other power regenerator

Thanks, Paul
This is what I expected. I’ll give the P20 some more time. I’m waiting on a 20 amp power cord and hoping it will make a large difference. -But maybe not?

I have to sheepishly report that I think I discovered the reason for lack of bass. The P20 unit was factory set to 230V. Pushing it up to 240V (in-line with standard Australia voltage) seems to have restored the bass. Still need to do more listening, but it seems this has done the trick.

Strangely there was something appealing to the sound at 230V, it made my system a little restrained, not so forward.

Congrats to you! Now you have another choice to make. -Seem to be a lot of these in audio at present. Hint: get someone else’s opinion on the sound. LOL

I have a P20 just bought 1 month ago, and the sound of my components got worse with it!
I use to have a P10 before, and it was great!
I hope the sound improves overtime after the burn-in period of the P20, which I don’t know how many hours it is …
Please let me know your thoughts.


This is a uncommon experience, but once in a while there is an issue with a unit or it happens to sound better with the power coming out of the wall of a particular user

Does the P20’s display indicating it is reducing distortion significantly?

There should be a noticeable improvement, even without burn-in.
The only occasion, in general, where it might not sound better, is with a monster power amp, where the amp might sound better plugged directly into the wall.
My music source, preamp and power amps all sound noticeably better through my P12. I have gone back from time to time to check by temporarily plugging the amps directly into the wall, and the soundstage collapsed inward. I quickly connected my amps back to the P12 and the wide open soundstage returned.

Yes, its showing a significant reduction in distortion.

Very good. This indicates the unit is fine. Little or no drop points to a problem.

So why the sound is worse when the amps, preamps, DAC, CD transport and streamer are fed the P20? Burn-in period not completed yet?

I would look at the settings on the P20. Sometimes sine wave is the best.

Also do the “clean” (degauss) function for at least 60 seconds. Push the clean button twice (working from memory) to get a minute.

Amps are best plugged into the high current outlets in the P20.

Sources can be plugged into any other outlet.

Hope this helps.

It wasn’t long ago that we had someone here with the same complaint. And he found a commercial surge protector to provide the improvement in sound he was looking for.
All ears and all systems are different. The P20 might not be for you.

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Make sure you play with the PW settings.

On my P10 I prefer 6 or lower. Any settings higher than 6 sound off to me/noisier.

OK! Thanks for your post!

Ok, I’ll try that

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Yes, I’ve plugged the amps in the high current outlets.
I’ll try your other suggestions. Thanks!

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High regulation, sine wave, phase settings should be tried (see the owner manual).
I’d also try plugging single components one at a time if doable, just to test which ones work better fed by the P20 and eventually (if any) which not.