Bridge 2 firmware update

just got Bridge 2 for my DS, exciting about it.

I use a crossover cable to connect Bridge 2 to a Mac, firmware on bridge 2 shows 2.1.1 and “N/A” from firmware update option. If the crossover cable prevents internet connection how could I update firmware to 2.1.3?

Thanks for help.

Connecting the Bridge straight to the internet (router) and do a full reboot of the DS probably solves your issue

I got the Zip file from Dennis for manual updating :slight_smile:

I think I am in exactly the same predicament.

Dennis -would you be so kind and send it also to me at if at all possible please?

dear all I’m in the same situation and I cannot solve the issue. could you please help me?

I downloaded a zip from website but when I open it there is only one file inside *.ub

I follow same procedure as for DSD but it doesn t work. please help