Directstream junior Bridge II Options Disappear

I’m How To Update Bridge II – PS Audio updating from My network input disappeared after pressing the front panel selection button Now I have only 6 inputs left I can’t view my version either I don’t know what I’ve done wrong and what I should do next

PS:I am from China My English is very bad

Welcome @UUS_ch

Don’t worry, your English is good.

Did you just do a firmware update? Please note that some options such as the assignment of a static can be controlled using mConnect as well as the screen.

Yes,I am from Downloads – PS Audio Download the latest version of Firmware There is also no effect

Good. I assume you unpacked the new firmware to the memory stick, turned the DS Junior off, inserted it in the USB port, disconnected all cables from DS Junior (except power cable) then did a full restart from the back switch. Right?

yes,By the way My remote control can be pressed bridge But it didn’t work

Ok, try to restart the DS Junior with all cables disconnected. Then power on with the cables connected.

Do I need to connect USB?

First try to without USB to see if it works.
If it does not work, then you can try and reload the firmware.

I tried, the result is still useless

So sorry. Then you need to try reloading the firmware all over again. please make sure you follow the steps in the readme file you have downloaded with the software.

F this does not work, you may try downloading an older version, the try again with the newest version (Sunlight).

I tried it, but it didn’t work. But I don’t even know what my current version is Because i can’t see my version

I can’t even tell if I’ve really installed it?

What version were you running before the new update?

I’m sorry I don’t remember Made in approximately 2018

@jamesh can chime in. He would probably recommend that you download Snowmass and check, then move to Sunlight.

I updated to Snowmass v2.01 What I should do next

Or is there a firmware to go back to the initial settings?

Does your system work properly, do you see all the screens? Do you see the software version? Can your streaming software find Bridge?

My display is normal But only bridge ii and version information are missing

What streaming software do you use? Can it detect Bridge still?
Also, it would help to send a picture of the screen.