Bridge II - firmware update through browser

Hi, I want to update the firmware for my Bridge II, however when i write the IP address in the browser nothing happen, this works fine for my P10 and DMP, could could possibly be wrong? /Juan

Bridge II updates are done automatically over the network after a reboot. Power off/on the DS and it should find the latest. Current is 3.51.

There is a Windows program, that PS Audio can provide, that allows for Bridge II upgrades while sitting at your computer. You do need the downloadable file. The nice thing about the program is it allows you to go backwards if you don’t like the latest firmware version.


Where? cannot find it under downloads
the strange thing that this was possible before by typing the ip address in the browser…

You have to email them. Dennis, their previous employee, emailed it to me. Bridge I was configurable through a browser and IP address, Bridge II never has been.

that explains why i remembered that :wink: thanks a lot!

You can update the firmware using the mconnect control app (both IOs and Android). Just enter the settings session of the bridge II renderer and you will see the option to firmware update. Regards.