Direct Stream with Bridge II Need help , please


Dear friends,
I got DS dac with Bridge II , need to update the firmware. On Download page I did not find any new FW . On the display I see FW 1.6.4 Bridge 0.0.0 FPGA 0.91 USB 0.33 Rev. 0126.
Should I update DAC with DS FW and after this Bridge with Bridge FW ? Please , advice ?


The Bridge II firmware gets updated via the Internet not via a download. Turn off your DAC and pull the SD card out. Turn your DAC back on and check the front panel. It should show that a Bridge update is available. You then do the update from there. Hope that helps.


Thanks my friend, I manage to update the unit and the Bridge :slight_smile:


Great!! Enjoy the music.


Thank you :slight_smile: