Bridge II Install Issue

I recently received my new Bridge II and encountered a problem during installation. After removing the original Bridge I slid Bridge II in place. Slid in fine, but when I went to install the two screws the holes didn’t line up, the Bridge sitting high in the opening. I pulled the Bridge out and noticed the main circuit board, to which the two guides that the Bridge slides on, was higher on the right side (facing the rear panel). I reinstalled the Bridge and could get the left screw (closest to power connector) in with a slight push, but the right side required considerable force on the Bridge to line up so I didn’t force it. I did check the original Bridge and it too did not line up, though it was a slightly better fit as I was able to get both screws when I did the original install. I hooked everything back up and the Bridge II worked fine, connected with no issue and played fine. Sounds good too, but I think it needs a little break-in. And it played gapless, hallelujah!

My question is, should I leave the Bridge installed with only one of two screws or should I disassemble the DS to see why the circuit board is sitting high? I know the second option is somewhat of a big deal and not something I will hurry to do, but next time I move things around I might do it. On the other hand, leaving the screw out seems to easy, but if I force the other screw in I will put stress on the circuit board which isn’t good. If anyone else experienced this let me know, otherwise looking for thoughts on how to proceed. Thanks!

I remember having height issues when I installed my B2. At first I put the board on top of, rather than below, the guide rail; it seemed to go in but then the screws wouldn’t line up and I had to look more carefully. It’s been a long time so I don’t remember how to describe this more accurately, but I hope you get the idea. You probably didn’t make this mistake, since the connector at the end lined up correctly (otherwise it wouldn’t play), but it might be worth checking.

And B2 definitely needs some break-in to sound its best; not a huge amount, maybe 20 hours or so IIRC.

Thanks magister! I did check to make sure I was in the guide rails when I saw it wasn’t lining up properly. I’m almost certain the problem is with the main board not being properly installed/seated. I did send this unit back to PS Audio when new due to a screen issue, not sure if the main board is removed as a part of that service. Also, don’t recall if I removed the Bridge before sending it back, either way I don’t recall an issue installing the original Bridge.

It’s hard to say from so far away, but I would guess that the right side guide rail is higher than it should be. They pop into the circuit board, with a split peg on each end. It’s possible that the back side rail peg has come out of the board. The guide rails are there to make sure that the board plugs into the socket properly, and from your report, it is clear that the bridge is making proper contact. Which tells me that the other end of the guide rail is in its proper place. There is no harm in leaving just one screw. In fact, I don’t have any screws holding my bridge in place. The socket for the board has good retention force.
If you do rearrange things later, take a look at the relationship of the guide rails to the surface of the PC board. The bottom of the guide rail should be resting on the top of the PCB.

Dave, thanks for the reply. I don’t recall noticing if the guide rail was lifted from the circuit board, just the circuit board itself looked as if it was not in it’s proper place. I will leave as is until the next time I need to move the DS.

My old one or the new one did not fit right . But it worked fine . The PC board slot has a lot of tolerance and as long it’s installed flush in the back your fine and of course that it updates and works. Relax and enjoy the new bridge it’s well worth the money.

The right side guide rail in my PerfectWave DAC also came up slightly, causing the same alignment issue that you have. I tried to reseat the rail without opening the DAC, but in the process it came out altogether. I just carefully slid the Bridge back in using the left guide rail to get it into the connector, put both screws in and have been using the DAC like this for many months. The next time I open the DAC up I will try to reinstall the rail, assuming that I can find it at the time.