Misalignment when installing Bridge II?


When installing Bridge II in my DSD yesterday, I ended up with this. The card slides nicely in the slots and into the connector in the DSD, but it’s impossible to fit the screws due to misalignment of the screw holes. My DSD is 2+ years old, so maybe something has changed in the hardware configuration?? At the same time, it looks like the entire motherboard with the DS-slot is mounted a few millimeters too high. Any thoughts? Can this be corrected in some easy way?

For the record, the bridge works as it should, so it’s just cosmetic. Still it doesn’t feel right…



My Bridge II did the same thing and when I inquired I was told it shouldn’t be a problem if left as is. It was also stated that you could “persuade” the screw, but I didn’t like that idea. I didn’t want to stress the board. My thought was to check out the internal alignment of the board if I ever took the cover off. That was over a year ago and I haven’t had the need to remove the cover. The Bridge is still working fine. I would suggest just leaving as is.

My B2 was also a little off with the screw hole alignment. It wasn’t quite as bad as this one so I “persuaded” it. I agree with pmotz about just leaving things as they are.

Ok, thanks. Not very “High-End” if you ask me :frowning:

If you open the unit, you can loosen the various screws and mounting points and finesse it into position. When originally assembling components one first gets everything into position and then tighten everything.

If it truly bothers you and you do not want to address it yourself, send it in. PS Audio will align it for you.

These little issues are inherent allowing the end user to save time and money by doing it themselves. It also requires a great deal of trust by PS Audio in its customers. You are correct; this open collaborative approach is not what we normally see in high-end. Typically you would be required to spend more and to send the unit in.

Like everything, there are trade offs.