Bridge II Recognized by ROON, Plays Momentarily Then Disappears From Audio Zone Only to Reappear Minutes Later

Recently installed the Bridge II on a first generation PWD and was easily recognized by Roon on my PC.
All worked well until today!

ROON will discover the Bridge II, able to play for a few seconds but then the Bridge disappears from the Roon Zone and occasionally, but not always, reappear after a few minutes, plays music briefly, and disappear again!

Also, the PWD shows a continuous network connection.

On a related note, Roon volume configuration must be set to output through the Device, the Fixed and DSP setting is not an option…correct?

The USB connection works fine.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Update. Although I previously rebooted the PWD numerous times to no avail, I am now streaming over the network! Go figure.

I’m a noob at audio, but I work as a network engineer. My hunch is that you could have two devices with the same IP address. The symptoms are intermittent access issues.

Thank you for your response! This makes sense, PSAudio USB was also enabled and I thought I could switch back and forth. Disabling the usb link resolved the issue.