Bridge II - Should I?

I’m seeing some complaints about the Bridge II making ugly noises, among other things. Is this all cured now, or should I think twice about a streamer/transport solution?

The “noise” comes from switching back and forth between PCM and DSD in the same playlist. So if you play albums all the way through and don’t mix the two in playlists you shouldn’t have problems. I don’t and have never heard a “noise” in two years.

Thanks for the info.

In my opinion, I’d consider something like an UltraRendu (with on LPS 1.2 power supply) instead of the Bridge 2. Issues with the Bridge 2 have gone years without resolution because Converse in Korea, the 3rd party responsible for the Bridge 2, has proven inept… Paul himself has stated to remind him next time to not use a 3rd party software company. So how then is it a good idea to spend money on a device produced by a company held in a, as we say in Hawaii, humbug light like Converse?

Personally if you can get a cheap used B2 then that would be fine knowing of the current issues (which may or may not ever be resolved) as the SQ is fine for most people and less hassles than alternatives with setting up. Otherwise I would go something else

I agree. As long as you understand and accept the DSD to PCM issue going in and avoid it the cost of a better sounding and easier to set up alternative is a lot more money as in addition to the cost of the streamer you have IC’s and a power cord to pay for. I have never had an issue with the sound quality of the Bridge II.

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Actually, the worst bursts of distortion occur when sample rate is changed. I’d find another solution.


I have never had an issue when going from one PCM sample rate to another and I don’t do DSD so not an issue for me. I do now own a G1 that I got a great deal on as an Axpona show demo but it is still breaking in and was bought to use with my recently upgraded Aqua La Voce but so far so good.

I don’t do DSD either. When you listen to Roon radio, songs in the Q are often of various sample rates. Happens every time!
I bought the G2. Love it!

My show demo G1 which would have been partially broken in was taken care of by UPS so the dealer had to send me a brand new one so full break-in is going to be a while but it is promising so far and an improvement over my original Aries. I communicated with a reviewer who had done extensive listening to both the G1 and the G2 and his opinion was that if I didn’t intend to buy one of the other 2 series components or need internal storage then the G1 was pretty close in sound. I won’t know but it did save me significant money. Also no Roon here. What has been your preference on connection?

was taken care of by UPS@dawkinsj

They don’t call 'em United Parcel Smashers for nothing!

I agree I never use them but the high volume dealers get a big enough break on shipping rates that they are willing to take their chances.

These guys are also pretty good at taking care of stuff.

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@dawkinsj, I use wifi. Works flawlessly, sounds amazing!
Wireworld Platinum starlight USB to DSD.

Are you saying the noise occurs every time the sample rate changes?

Most times, not sure, to be honest. It is really disturbing, and so harsh, you will fear for your speakers safety!

While I’m not a fan of the Bridge 2, I’ve only experienced the DSD tick. Which while very annoying, never threatened my speakers. Sample rate changes using Roon over the Bridge did not result in any terrible sounds for me.

For what it’s worth, I totally heart my Bridge II for both sound quality and one-box aesthetics. The rate-switch noise is annoying but not enough to ruin a session (or my speakers).

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Not true here.I had the scratchy noise at the end of each high res pcm album.
No problems with DSD and pcm 16-44 files.

Yes, Indeed