Bridge II topping out at 48/16 using MediaMonkey

I have just installed my Bridge II in my DirectStream and using MediaMonkey (UPnP/DLNA Renderer) I am seeing redbook CDs come out on the DS as 44.1/16 but all of my hi-rez tops out at 48/16 (e.g. Astral Weeks 192/24!!!) via Ethernet.

When using MM via USB into Bridge II all is great.

I have Roon and am waiting for the endpoint so in meantime trying to get MM working through Ethernet connection.

p.s. have been following all the discussion on the DS (which has changed my musical life, especially the way it render redbook CDs…stunning). Something I have noted that I have not heard any else mention (correct if I’m wrong) was the fact that instruments seem to sound their proper physical size through the DS. Ex. acoustic guitar sounds like the size of an acoustic guitar, a high-hat sounds the right size, vocals sound like coming out of a human head/mouth, kick drum sounds physically correct, etc. May sound crazy but it has been one of the things I’ve really started to notice…amongst other things most of which have been well-discussed

Anyway, this is my first posting and hope someone can help me with my interim use of MM with the DS via the Bridge II Ethernet

Wish I could help. My skills are limited to JRiver and Bridge II; however, your description of how the DS sounds is dead on. Well done!!

I know nothing about mediaMonkey, but it sounds like a setup issue of some kind. Look at all the setup options.


Agreed with Dennis. It’s likely that MM is converting the files for you and there’s likely a setup issue.