Bridge III?

Thanks for the clear statement james. I’m glad I made the jump to the dCS Network Bridge over a year ago - a large outlay (for me) but the improved SQ from the DirectStream DAC has made it a good investment.

You mean there also won’t be a smaller outboard version than the big server as replacement?

There will likely be something like this eventually, but it will be under the Octave server family. Not something that will slide in the back of the DAC where the Bridge does now.

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Will there be a card that slides in that slot area and gives us another I2S input so I can have the SACD player, Octave server and NuWave phono all plugged into my Directstream DAC?

I am at least 2 years patiently waiting for the promised Bridge III.

I don’t see any sense in paying for the DAC value for a transport, so the server Octave is completely out of my plans.

Time to look for alternatives outside PS Audio, I say this sadly because I really would like to keep the internal transport to the DS.

I don’t think so. Certainly would be handy though.

Unfortunate news.

Ok, while it was meanwhile foreseeable that there will be no internal Bridge III, so far and since years it was announced there will be one external then. I understand today’s even more careful statement as a very little chance or at least completely unsure for further years. Nothing to wait for then for most I guess.
I don’t think this is a good move for the popularity of the Octave SW as probably many PSA DAC customers won’t buy the server.

Yes, I completely understand. I have learned after being on here for a while that it’s a better idea to keep the details about new products fairly ambiguous until everything is known for sure. I don’t want to go into too much detail about what’s on the drawing board right now because things will inevitably change, and I’ll get a lot of questions I’m not able to answer.

Two things I’m quite comfortable saying. 1. There will not be a Bridge III card that replaces the Bridge II and slides in the back of the DAC. 2. The Octave family of products will likely be more than one big Octave Server.

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Thanks Jamesh yes, that’s how I understood it…if it’s called Bridge III or Octave jr. doesn’t matter, what I think folks expected is a small Octave streamer without hard disk etc. at a similar cost as Bridge II.

Couldn’t agree more. And with I2S out? Good power supply? Sign me up!! We’ll have to see. :grin:

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If the rest of the market is any indication that is not possible for $800 retail. Even with a SMPS that could be bypassed or replaced still not likely. The “big boys” of streaming can’t do it and to get close would require the use of a plastic box like the Node 2i or the discontinued Aries Mini.