Bridge is Gone Again


My bridge just out of the blue has disappeared again. I know the procedure and can spend another hour or two of my time to get it back up… but what if any plans are there to make it stable?

Yes I can put a computer in… but lets’ see bridge $ + computer $ + software $ - original vision of why I was hooked on the bridge… = way more than I budgeted for…

I’m looking for some hope here… I can continue to be patient… but is there anything that will solve the disappearing bridge problem… should I send it in for a swap out or all they all like that?


Bridge back up finally… took a couple tries to rescue… the last time it did too, not sure what that’s about…


… My Bridge’s gone now

Ain’t no use a listening …


Randy said: Bridge back up finally…




USUALLY NO NEED FOR RESCUE. unless you botch a firmware update.

next time do network fix. available from the psa faq area next to the rescue file.


Thanks gordon I’ll take a look for then network fix…


@gordon is this what you are referring to the link under the rescue link?

“How to reset the PerfectWave DAC Bridge”



send me your tel number by PM