Bridge rescue really works?

I found Bridge rescue file in the download section and have a few questions. Could someone clarify on this? This is really confusing…

  • Is this for DS Senior or Junior or both?

  • Is this for Bridge 1 or 2 or both ?

  • In the instruction below USB drive is really SD card? Couldn’t find usb memory port either in the unit or the card.

  • In the zip file, I only need to move rescue.ub file to SD card?

    1. Get a 2 gig USB drive (must be 2 gig)
    2. Format the USB stick FAT-16 (must be FAT-16).
    3. Download the file from
    4. Unzip to FAT-16 formatted USB drive.
    5. Power off DS DAC.
    6. Insert USB stick into USB port on the bridge.
    7. Power on DS DAC.
    8. Wait at least 30 minutes.
    9. Remove USB drive
    10. Power cycle DS DAC.
    11. Bridge should show up.

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Hello sangwoohahn,

The instructions are for rescuing the Bridge I only.
This is for the DSD DAC or PWD DAC with Bridge I only.
DO you have the Bridge I or Bridge II?
The best way to tell would be to send the serial number to
Go ahead and send it over to us and we’ll be better able to advise.

  • Jeremy
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@JeremyBe Thanks for the clarification.

Is there any other emergency measures that can be done by users for Bridge 2 for DSD Senior? If there’s any way that the bridge card can be reset or initialized to factory setting, it would be very useful for many users as the Bridge upgrade is tricky and caused some issues.

Hi sangwoonhahn,

The Bridge II is a lot more closed in its design.
We don’t have an emergency solution should there be a corruption that is like the Bridge I.
If you are having trouble please reach out to me.
I’ll be happy to assist.

  • Jeremy

Hi …

I have a question regarding a not working Bridge 1 card. An update of the cards firmware was interrupted right in the beginning. In your download page I found a file called Bridge Rescue. I have a PWDmk2 but running the rescue don’t solve the issue. Will it work if I put the Bridge card in a DirectStreem DAC and run the rescue?