Questions about DSD, Bridge II, and software

  1. I assume the “Directstream Bridge Rescue” in “Download Software and Guides,” is for instances of the B1 in a Directstream and not B2?

  2. In the B2 instructions, there is a step of inserting an SD card. I assume that is related to updating the DAC (PWD 1 or 2), and not related to any type of software for the B2 directly? In other words, it’s just so a PWD is updated to 2.9.1 to operate correctly with the B2 - there is no software/firmware that affects/loads to the B2 in any way. I don’t recall having an SD card for the B2 itself. I had it running in my PWD2, and have not installed it in the DSD yet.

  3. If #2 is NOT true and I did have an SD for the B2, what was on it, and how can I get another one/the files that was on it?

Not sure exactly what you are asking, but maybe my experience with the DSD SR can offer some information. I recently installed the Windom firmware, and after restarting, the screen displayed a message that the Bridge was being updated without any deliberate action that I had taken. I was surprised and wondered if Bridge updates occur automagicly via my network connection.

Bridge updates are done via an internet connection, initiated via the DACs’ screens.

See here, for example: How to Update Bridge.

Firmware updates are via SD card (DSD) and USB stick (DS Jr.): How to Update Operating Systems

Hope this helps…

I guess I should be more clear, sorry.

  1. On the website, in RESOURCES > DOWNLOADS > DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE AND GUIDES tab, there is a download titled “Directstream Bridge Rescue.” From what I can gather, that download is for “rescuing” a problematic Bridge I that is installed in a Directstream (versus a Bridge II)?

  2. In the Bridge II instruction manual, on page 2, there is a section titled “Insert the SD Card,” wherein it states, "Insert the SD card into the slot on the back of the DAC. When pressed all the way it will hold itself in. Do not force it. It should slide easily if inserted properly. This SD card plugs into the socket with the gold contacts facing up. Make sure the SD card has
    the gold contacts facing up, or the socket could be damaged." It appears to be more in reference to installing a Bridge II in a PWD, and making sure the PWD is at least on 2.9.1. I am assuming it is because of the change in how the Bridge II works/updates (because prior to 2.9.1, the PWD operating system would have been designed for the Bridge I).

In other words, the step about “inserting an SD card” in the Bridge II instructions is referring to assuring that, if you own a PWD, it is on at least 2.9.1, and it has nothing to do with installing the Bridge II in a Directstream.

I somewhat recall doing this when I installed it in my PWD II, but that was some time ago.

  1. If number 2 is NOT true, and the “insert SD card” portion also applies to installing a Bridge II in a Directstream, I do not recall having an SD card for the Bridge II when I installed it in my PWD II, and only recall using an SD card to update the PWD II’s firmware. If there WAS an SD card that came with the Bridge II, what was on it, and how do I get another one?

note-I am aware of how the Bridge II normally updates, as I had it installed in my PWD II prior.