DS DAC - Just installed Bridge in back and DS does not 'see' the Bridge, HELP

I just bought a Bridge and installed in the back of my DS Dac.

I don’t see the Bridge in any of the listed inputs. In settings, I press the upgrade Bridge firmware button and a box shows up ‘finding my bridge’ and nothing ever happens.

Obviously I am missing something or doing something wrong and need your HELP!



The Bridge firmware may need updating. A network utility such as Fing will find the Bridge on your network and you can access its webpage to apply the update.

Also, you might try removing the Bridge, power cycling the DS and reinstalling the Bridge.

Is there a reset function in the DS if you tap the screen during boot, like the PWD? If so, give that a try too.


Do I need to have the SD card installed with the latest Bridge software from the PS Audio download page?

You will not see the Bridge in the menu as “Bridge”. It’s labeled I2S PSDirectStream. You can try to rename the Bridge friendly name using the WebGUI.

If the Bridge is out of a PWD or is just a bit older you probably need to upgrade the Bridge firmware as suggested above. Those of us who upgraded our PWDs to DSs were told to first upgrade the Bridge firmware to be compatible with the DS. My recollection is that a failure to do so was not fatal and you should still be able to upgrade the firmware. You don’t upgrade the Bridge firmware using the SD card–that is for DS upgrades. Can you find the Bridge’s DNS address on the front panel (if it is not showing up as an input that may not be possible)? If you can, you can do a web upgrade. Otherwise you may need to use a USB stick (the Bridge has a slot for it). Here are general instructions for upgrading Bridge firmware, but it doesn’t address the USB approach: http://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-update-bridge-firmware/ For the USB approach, try the DirectStream Bridge Rescue http://www.psaudio.com/support/downloads/ (click on download software and guides, the third tab). Let us know how it works out.

You can do the web upgrade. If the Bridge has old firmware (not compatible with the DS), it should still be visible on the network. If you know the IP_address, just point your web-browser to it. If you you not know the IP-address, for example, you have a DHCP server, then you can either get the Bridge address from the DHCP server, or use Fing smartphone app.

Used Fing and found IP address

Did web upgrade to 2.15.

Bridge shows up now!

Is their any other Bridge upgrade or am I good now?

Also, what purpose does the SD card serve in back of DS for Bridge - do I need to have one back there and what contents should it have on the SD card?

Just leave it in. You will NOT get artwork unless the SD card is installed.

Solved ;)

woot said Just leave it in. You will NOT get artwork unless the SD card is installed.
Do I need to have any files on that SD card or just have it blank?

Either way will work.