Bridge Revisions

What is the latest bridge revision?


0.2.14i is what I have too but I believe that is a beta version that was issued in connection with WaveStream testing. If you look in the DOWNLOAD AREA FOR PWD AND PWT FIRMWARE area (on the right of this page) it looks like the latest version for general release is 0.2.14b, which is pretty old at this point. I may have missed another general release. You should be able to get the latest general release by pushing the update button on the PWD Bridge screen (but no guarantees).

how do you get 2.14i???

also 2.14c is listed now

I believe 2.14i was only needed for use with WaveStream. I am not aware of any other reason to get it (even for beta testers WaveStream has expired, at least it has for me).

I only saw 2.13c, even though it was posted after 2.14b (that can happen as sometimes people request older versions). Did I miss something?

Folks, after extensive reading on the forum I cannot find how to update the bridge.

I want to try 0.2.13c but cannot find the url for it anywhere (to paste into the web page update option).

I downloaded the file sometime in the past and tried to update the bridge from an SD card (with only upgrade-0.2.13c.ub in the rood directory). After trying this the web status page says the bridge is still 0.2.12 (rebooted twice). So it didn’t work.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Paul has said that he will work on having Bridge firmware in the download area. In the meantime, I have it but I cant figure out how to put it here for you. I’m sure Gordon or one of the other leaders will post it for you. Sorry I cant be of more help.

THE Bridge cannot be updated with an SD card. That is only for PWD.

Rename the 2.13c.ub file to upgrade.ub and keep it on your desktop.

Find the Bridge IP address from the PWD front panel and paste it in the address bar of your web browser.

The Bridge web page will come up.

At the bottom of the page select “file upgrade”.

Browse to the location of the upgrade.ub file [on your desktop] select it and click ok.

Then click the blue "upgrade firmware button.

Go for an nice LONG walk and be sure NOT to interrupt the upgrade. [20-45 minutes]

The usual Bridge will show in the front panel when it is finished.

WARNING, if you interrupt the upgrade I charge a small fortune to fix it.