Budget Power Cables


Power cables I’ve had and sold were: Pangea AC-9, PSA AC-5 and AC-3, and Cardas Quad-link.

Currently running Wireworld Electra 7, and for power amps, and P20 I use VooDoo cables.

I will try better Cardas at some point. Liked the Cardas alot


If you want the best bang for the buck, look for used power cords. They’re one of the safer purchases you can make, along with used interconnects and speaker cables.


…but be wary of fakes


I may give Signal cables a go. Looks like I can pick up a few power cables, and maybe even a set of xlr’s to replace my BJ xlr’s for a little over $200. I’ll call tomorrow. Thanks again guys


Pangea, without any hesitation.


Frank is great to work with. I have purchased speaker cable and interconnects from him. Seems like a really nice guy. Quality products at fair prices, IMO. Let us know where you land (so to speak). Cheers.


One other is NRG cables not Audioquest



Slightly off topic, but should I go with their xlr’s too? Think they would out perform my Bluejeans xlr’s?


I have only bought and used unbalanced interconnect cables from Signal Cable – Sorry. Maybe someone else will chime in. FWIW, you might want to add “Better Cables” to your short (maybe now “medium”) list. I have their Silver Serpent and Blue Truth Balanced XLR cables in my system and they strike me as “quiet” and “neutral”. Also a purveyor of quality product at what I consider to be fair prices… Good luck.


Cool, thanks


Your Welcome.


I would think that it’s likely a wash between Signal and Blue Jeans as far as most of their offerings. In fact, I would probably lean slightly in favor of Blue Jeans.


Agreed. I have a few.


Yep…me too. This is where tons of budget-minded audiophiles start out (Signal/Blue Jeans) . I’ve been doing this for 40 yrs and have owned quite a bit from both vendors in the past. Good place to start, as well as the Pangea offerings, until you can up the ante. But…as one of the other posters mentioned, the used market is where to find power cables at greatly reduced prices, and when you can find good deals you can always resell at minimum loss.


…and as we speak…A 4 ft Signal Power cord for $60 shipped. Saves you $29.99 plus shipping.

But…I would still prefer the Pangea AC 14SE MKII Signature at $49.99 through Audio Advisor with a 30 day return policy.


Jay Victor’s work in the Pangea series of cables available through Audio Advisor are good sounding power cables.


Paul, are PSA power cables being phased out? Or are newer offerings on the ready?


Thanks for all the replies guys. Hit my beginner post limit last night so couldn’t reply. Think I’m gonna go with the Pangaea cables. Paul recommended, and relatively cheap. I’ll post back once I get them if you guys are interested


I am sorry for the post limit. It is an anti-spam measure and your posts are absolutely not spam; you started a great thread.


If you decide to go with an AC-9 for the amp you may have to go longer than you need unless they have changed them. The first ones were very stiff and didn’t take to sharp bends.