Budget Power Cables


Gonna do an ac14 se mkii for the pre and an ac9 se mkii for the amp I think. Should run me around $225. I have about 9 inches to the rear wall, so should be able to make an easy bend. At least I hope so…lol


At least with AA if it doesn’t work you can send it back and try something else. Good luck.


Got the Pangaea AC9SE MKII and AC14SE MKII cables in, and I think I’m hearing better and tighter bass, and a slightly more 3d soundstage. Thanks for the help guys.

And @dawkinsj, man you weren’t kidding about the AC9. I got it in, but man is that thing a bitch to bend into shape lol


The AC9 reminds me a lot of the PSA AC12. Both excellent.


+1, if anything, the Venoms tend to sound smooth. These are my fave low cost cables. The later models provide better performance.


Here you have the world’s best power cables - they all hit them. I even make them myself, because you can buy plugs and cables


I would agree with the SUPRA. I bought two long lengths for speakers because I wanted something very well insulated to run alongside signal cables. They do two thicknesses, deepening on the needs of the unit.

Otherwise, Devialet supply their units with Audioquest power cables that they say are perfectly good. Many owners upgrade to another Audioquest at their chosen price point.