Bug volume attenuation button


Since the passage PP. In the setting menu, the option volume control: high and low is not responding properly. I explain: the touch screen is not in front of the picture “high - low”. you also have problem? or am I the only one frown


I used that high/low function only yesterday with no issues.


I encountered a similar problem. A few days ago I posted:

I also installed the PP OS. I noticed that I can’t change from high level to low level (and vice versa) when I select the Bridge as input (the only input I use). However, when I select for example Coax as input, I can toggle between high and low input and go back to the Bridge as input.


Thanks for reporting this - BTW the “filter” button on the remote toggles the attenuator whether the bridge is the selected input or not.


Thanks that is already fixed in the next version. This was due to a graphics file mismatch.