Burn in on SGCD display (after power outage reset timeout to auto)

I’ve had amazing results with my SGCD over the last 2 year - and even recommended the auto-mute feature when the Vol is turned down to Zero.

Sometime last month, we had a power surge/outage, and I had to reset some settings. One I didn’t realize changed was the Display Timeout - for the last month it is set to Auto, and I recently realized the Vol number are ALWAYS ON.

Now I realize there is BURN IN from my typical Tv/Netflix listening levels.

Attached are two pic of the burn in effect

Hopefully behind the 23 you can see the ghost of 16 or 18…

Thoughts on the Auto Display Time-out never turning off the display, and the burn in I now have?

SGCD -> M700’s -> Aerial Acoustics 7 B’s

I can definitely see the ghost numbers. Give us a call and our guys can get a new display installed for you. Should be quick and painless.

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Many thanks - I’ll call tomorrow.

I may at the same time grab a Sprout - I need a 2nd system in the basement to drive some efficient Klipsch speakers!

Sounds good David. Great, the Sprout100 will do great driving the Klipsch.

I have a Sprout100 with Martin Logan 35XT’s as my 2nd system in my den (near field desktop). It is getting a LOT of use these days. It really makes me appreciate the sonic qualities of the little Sprout. Enjoy!


RMA authorized and the pre amp is sent!

Awesome, thanks David. I saw that notice.

I got it back, everything checkout out great!

Awesome! Thanks for keeping us posted.