SGCD Glitch?

Hi all. Second time this has happened. My SGCD screen showed volume 0 and did not respond to turning the knob. The blue logo button was lit… I rebooted with the rear power switch but there was no change. I used the remote to change the volume. When the volume went up I think there was a relay click. At that point the knob became operational again. We did have a very brief power outage ( enough to lose the time on the microwave clock) and I suspect that is when the SGCD volume went to 0. Is this a known problem? My concern is that if the remote breaks or dissappear I’ll be in trouble.

Wow. I haven’t encountered that problem with mine. My guess is that the power outage did initiate this and also that it may not occur again for some time. But if you are worried about the remote . . . PS Audio will sell you another one for 15 dollars postpaid. . . won’t hurt at that price to have one in reserve.

Unplug everything. This includes USB cables, I2s cables, etc.


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That sounds odd and certainly nothing I’ve heard before. Hopefully just a weird glitch from the power outage? If the remote got it out of this frozen state, I’m almost certain a factory reset would have done the trick as well.

Thanks all!