SGCD volume display question

I’ve been living very happily with a SGCD for a little over a year now, but there’s one thing about its behavior that puzzles me - the numeric volume level display. If I listen to a source for a few minutes at a given volume and leave it alone, the display goes black, which didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me is the fact that it lights back up at seemingly random intervals without my doing anything. Once in a while it seems to coincide with something happening in the music, other times not, making me think that was just a coincidence.

Can anyone tell me if this is expected behavior? It’s not terribly concerning, since it always lights back up when I need it to like when I turn it up or down, or if I switch to a different source input circuit. But if it shouldn’t be doing this, I might need to get it looked at. Sound never changes, though - it’s uniformly excellent at all times.

Once the display on my SGCD is dimmed, it usually stays dimmed, only light up when I touch the remote. There might be few incidents display light up by itself, but I cannot recall. (BTW, there is only one connections on my SGCD: DSDAC XLR to SGCD.)

Well, need to take back what I said an hour ago. My SGCD did light up by itself twice just now. I replay the same track, SGCD did the same thing- light up by itself and dims about 2 min later. I am playing Jazz/blues this time volume at 30… (I usually play classical stuff, which I less notice the SGCD light up.)

I’ve had the same experience. At first it was annoying but now I just ignore it.

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It doesn’t particularly bother me, either. I only asked on the off chance it’s a sign of a malfunction.

I did some digging on this, from the owner’s reference, on setup “Display time” … Auto will dectet outgoing signal from the DAC and turn on… Auto will turn off the display if no signal is detected.” I notice that with “auto” the display on about 2 min, then auto off. I guess it is possible that auto light on can be triggered by the change of signal strength.
In my case, I usually “dim” the display (from the remot), with this, the display is off, so, I don’t notice the light on. In my previous post, I did not “dim” the display, so the light on occurred.

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When I had the GDAC, this was my experience as well. When listening at lowering levels, I don’t think the auto would detect the signal, thus not triggering the display to come on. However, when listening at higher levels, it seemed the display never went off. I think Terrence found the correct explanation for this in the manual.

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