Odd SGCD behavior

I was about to post this in the other thread about the SGCD’s HT issues, but since I never use its HT capabilities, I can’t say whether it exhibits those same issues or not. Consequently I decided the comment below wouldn’t further that discussion, so I decided to create a new thread to see if anyone else has experienced this.

First, I’ll say that I love my SGCD - its features, its sound and its flexibility. But it has one annoying habit - when switching between inputs, it oftentimes takes two presses of the desired button on the remote before I hear what the source component is playing, even though the first press results in the expected “click” from the unit. This happens about 60-70% of the time, I’d say. For example, I decide to go from a disc player to a streamer, and I’ll hit the appropriate source circuit button on the remote, and the Stellar will audibly “click,” and the display shows the input circuit number (and programmed name) for the streamer. Then I’ll start the streamer playing, but there’s no sound. I hit the same button on the remote a second time, and there’s a second “click” and I can hear the streamer in progress. Which then makes me have to start the track over.

I haven’t logged this behavior to see if it’s isolated to specific source inputs - my general impression is it happens regardless of what I’m switching from or switching to - but I wouldn’t swear to that. Maybe I’ll give that a shot. If it’s like most odd intermittent issues, it’ll go away as soon as it knows I’m observing it. :wink:

I have about a year left on the warranty, but I hate to box it up and send it back just for this, as it’s really not much more than an annoyance. Unless it’s indicative of other problems. Anyone else here run into this on theirs?

Nope. Remote batteries fresh?

I haven’t checked that, but I will. I suspect it won’t make any difference, since the first press of the button always causes the SGCD to make its input-changing “click” sound, and the display always shows the new input number and name. But stranger things have happened. It’s certainly worth the cost of a new battery to find out, thanks.

Super strange because it sounds like the GDAC is switching inputs properly if you’re hearing the relay click. When you press the input button and second time and it starts working, do you hear another click by chance? It almost sounds like the mute relay is also flipping for some odd reason. :man_shrugging:

I have same issue even with new batteries

Interesting thought. If it were somehow activating the mute function, then I assume a press of the volume up button would also bring the music back, wouldn’t it? I’ll have to try that when I get home tonight.

It should, but I wonder if the “brains” of the unit don’t know that it’s muting. Instead it’s doing so automatically and hitting the input button flips that mute relay again. Pure speculation here.

Well, as I expected, my troubleshooting last night was pointless. The unit knew it was under observation and chose to behave properly, just to thwart my efforts. I had two disc players and a streamer working simultaneously, and switching among all three, in any direction, went smoothly and without incident. Then I became interested in the music and forgot what I was there for. :wink:


Funny how easy that can happen :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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