PST ate my disc

Yesterday after playing a CD, my PST literally ate the disc. It is stuck inside. The tray opens and closes but the CD is inside of it and will not play. I have sent PSAudio support a message asking for help but I have not gotten any response so far. Does anyone have any idea how to get that CD out? Thanks in advance!

You would have to remove the top. If it’s like the DSD Dac. Four screws on the bottom and a glass remover like suction device to remove the glossy top. Then you should be able to remove the CD. That is my guess tho I don’t know how a CD would escape the drive?

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Yikes. That’s a first. I cannot even imagine how that’s possible. The machine was level all the time? In any case, however it happened, unfortunately you will have to remove the top cover.

Here’s a video to help.


Sorry to hear about this!! Yeah that would require removing the top, then removing the top of the drive.

Was the unit level when this happened? Only time I’ve heard of this is when it’s sideways and using emergency eject. Really I want to make sure we don’t have a problem here!

EDIT: Call us if you need help with the process, we’d be happy to assist.

I can see if the disc wasn’t seated properly in the shallow tray, that it might get pushed into the unit some how, but it’s hard to imagine if the disc was playing, how it would wind up in the belly of the beast.

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This was my intuition as well. The PST has a shallow tray seat, and I’ve definitely “gone too fast” with it.


Sorry to hear that CD stuck inside.
PST has Marantz SACD-M3

I wonder where the disk will be stuck. Especially the drawer can still open and close. One time, my CD stuck inside my old ARCAM player (it has SONY drive) was when the player had a major failure. Drawer no longer open. I was able to get into the player and manually turning the drawer gear to force the draw to open. My impression is when drawer close it also lock the DISK in place (so that it can spin). If this applies to SACD-M3, if drawer is open, and disk does not show up, I wonder will it be stuck (“glued”) on the spinner holder top.
Good luck.

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I had that happen to me once. I ended up putting the PST vertically with the tray facing the floor (on a towel). The disc then dropped into the slot, and I was able to get it out when I turned it on again.


Thanks for your reply. Your technique worked out for me. I put the DST facing down on the top edge of a desk so the tray would be free to open. I opened the tray and the disk popped out to the floor. THANKS!


Great to see it worked :grinning: :+1:

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So any explanation as to why and how the PST munched a CD?

In my case I removed a CD mat that I put on top of CD long ago. The darn thing supposed to make it sound “analog”. What it did was to make it sound “dead”. I have not played it in years but decided to remove the mat and try it in PST.

Unfortunately, it had some residue left and got stuck inside. I had to wait for a day for the residue to dry out before I could get it out. Thank goodness the PST works fine and sounds the same.

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Lesson learned, I should make sure the top side of my disk also clean too, so that it will not be sticky to give my PST a chance to eat my disk.

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