Creating Mix Audio DVDs with High-res files


Does anyone have experience with burning high-res audio files to disk and playing it back on their transport or disk player? While I appreciate the convenience and breadth of streaming, I much prefer the control of physical media. I’m curious to know, if this is possible, what kind of results can be achieved beyond standard Redbook quality performance.

Thanks all

I use ImgBurn software and a portable dvd burner to record AIFF music files to dvd-r and dvd-rw discs. The dvd will play in PST and the SQ is better than streaming. But sometimes the PST would not read discs and would not stop reading. I need to turn off and turn on again for it to read the same disc. Other times it reads dvd discs fine all day.

I have also tried recording DSD but even dvd discs do not provide enough storage for one album. The PST would not read blueray discs in my experience.

Thank you. I’ll experiment with file formats and brands of DVD.

For some reason, when I played a limited DSD128 recording discs I burned from files. The PST has problem playing through the entire disc. Often it will stop and jump through the tracks. The worst thing is after playing these DSD discs. The PST has problem playing SACD and CD, it will play and produces no sound. In such case I need to turn off the unit from the back and restart to play normally. There is some bugs in the software I think.

I’ve never had an issue playing a commercially produced CD/DVD on a perfectly operational player or drive. It’s the recordable media that’s the crap shoot. And it’s not so much the brand but how widely compatible it is, not to mention different batches of the same disk performing differently. Are you using the same brand and format each time?

The dvd-r discs that I recorded from DSD and AIFF files from my PC usually would produce this problem. It must caused some solfware glitch in PST to make it stop from reading commercial cd/sacd. If I just play cd/sacd first it never has any issue.

I have burned an album of 24/96 FLACs (downloads from Presto Classical) to a Maxell DVD-RW disc.

The first time I tried to play it in the PST, it read for some time, then the display showed track 0 and ‘Data’ above it (where it usually says ‘Disc’ or whatever). From there it won’t play.

I power cycled the PST and reinserted the disc. It read for … (5 minutes and counting?) Losing my patience, I hit eject, it wouldn’t eject, had to power cycle the unit and then it would give up the disc. Then it wouldn’t close the tray again, had to power cycle again, then it closed the try itself, and then, thankfully, read the redbook CD and played normally.

Sooo, so far, no luck.

I had that same problem when using USB sticks and I need to remove all directories and mega data first in order for PST to play. But I did not have issue in playing DVD-R or RW. However I was using 24/96 AIFF recording. I may burn a FLAC DVD later to try but I will be surprised if AIFF works while FLAC won’t.

Since I’ve gotten my transport I, too, have experimented. I successfully burned DVDs of 16/44 and 24/192 (WAV and AIFF) disks. I did it using Music (iTunes) on Mac. I burned them both as data DVDs and not audio disks.

I’m not fully convinced its your transport as much as the choice of media or (to a lesser degree) your software. Perhaps the software is more of an issue than I think, but chances are if you burned a disk using it and it’s worked before, it’s likely the compatibility of the media and the PST. I think I just had some left over Memorex DVDs laying around. They worked fine and I just lucked out. I’d experiment with a few brands before giving up.

I simply dragged them on to the disc on Mac OS and the clicked ‘Burn’, i.e. it is a data DVD (which the PST did display). I will keep wasting money and carbon on DVD discs I guess.

I also haven’t had any luck with USB keys. Anyone have a known-good model? : D