SACD Transport DVD Playback

Has anyone used the transport to playback music from DVD data discs? My intention is to successfully create data DVDs of hi resolution wav files for playback. To date, I have been unsuccessful in getting my SACD transport to read the discs that I have created. Any input from those of you who have had success with this would be greatly appreciated. I have used both IMgBurn and Ashampoo to create the data DVDs with no success in the playback or even reading the discs.

While I do not have the SACD Transport, I have put high definition video recordings in mp4 format onto dvd +/- data discs. There is a function to “make discs readable on all machines” when making the final writing/formatting of the dvd data disc.

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Yes, the PST will play DVD data discs.
I have discs at PCM up to 192 kHz and DSD up to 128.

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Are you using the new SACD Transport? Also, what program did you use to create the discs? Did you create data discs? What DVDs did you use? I am asking this because I have tried multiple programs and burned different permutations of the discs, but my player will not read them.

I have been playing DSD128 and AIFF 96/24 data DVDs for a long time in PST, I have used both DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs without issues. I use an AQ Dragon48 HDMI through I2S connection, but any of AQ 48 series will work.

I have also tried CD-Rs recording of lower resolution downloads such as PCM 48/24 without issue either.

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Are you using the new SACD transport? I am asking this for a reason.

Yes, the “PST” is the latest SACD transport.

My PST is two years old and it’s the newest from PSA.

Try recording a simple music file (without folders and metadata) into a USB stick to see if it works in PST. If it does then DVD should work too.


My USB stick seems to work …somewhat Okay with FLAC and DSD files, but has a problem reading Wave files most of the time. What program are you using to rip the files to DVD?

Imgburn same as yours. I have no issue with AIFF and DSD DVDs. I have not tried others.

In the early day of PST beta testing, I have tested these:
Data Disc or USB : file type played : dsf, flac, wav, mp3, wma

DVD media - Verbatim DVD+RW and Sony DVD+R were tested. I am in MSFT Windows, and files were burned with typical “free” disk burner software came with the laptop I use.

They were played OK on my PST.
However, there were WAV files my PST just don’t want to play either on DVD disk or on USB.

Today, I seldom (close to never) play either DVD or USB on my PST, since my PST is very easy to “choke” with Data disk / USB play back. If anything wrong during the play back (which happened often, during my early testing) I need to “reboot” (main power cycle) my PST to bring it back to normal state. Last time I tried was right after the FW 2.4.4 release, found some files were playable before now my PST won’t play it with “newer” FW. These won’t bother me at all, since as said, I don’t use data disk/USB play back.
As a matter of fact, for my music files, I burn them to standard music CD, and play on PST just like CD. It still sound very good to me when comparing the play back with same track from USB or Data disk with original file.

The inability to play wav files on the usb input or read them from the burned DVD data disks is exactly the problem that I am having and have had from the beginning! I have a lot of high resolution wav files that I would like to be able to play through the PST to be able to take advantage of the incredible fidelity that it offers. This is the whole reason for this post. Terrence, you validated my problem by letting me know that you have the same issues. My previous PSAudio DirectStream Transport never had problems reading any types of files. I can still use my Aurender N10 to play all of my files including wav and it sounds great, however, it cannot shine a candle to the PST. If anyone else has any perspectives regarding playing the high resolution wav files via DVD Data Disk or USB stick on the PST, please chime in. One last thing. One workaround that I have have found to work is to convert the wav files to flac. Then the PST will read them on the USB stick…still a little quirky though.

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I have created 531 DVD data disks (DVD-R) using wav files on my PST since February of 2021. They all play fine. The files are mostly at 96/24 resolution. My unit has no problems with these or with CDs and SACDs.

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Is there a particular software package that you are using along with certain settings to record the DVDs?

Do you know for sure that the transport is not the problem?

Yes, I am currently using the Nero 2020 bundle to make DVD data discs.