Burning smell from Stellar Phono

Few months ago i purchased a used Stellar phono. Worked fine until last night I noticed burning smell coming from the back/left corner of the phono.

I purchased from another european country so no guarantee here (Swiss). Could it be some kind of excess glue burning off?

I disconnected and did a visual check - so far looked ok

Any suggestions?

That’s generally not a good thing. I think the solder and what not has already settled in so it probably isn’t that. Could be worth opening up to see if you see anything burnt inside. If everything is working as expected though, I wouldn’t be concerned if you don’t see anything visibly wrong.

Did you let the magic smoke out? :wink:

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried connecting and found a few things:

  1. Left channel is gone
  2. Right channel only operating at low and mid gain
  3. Right channel sounded distorted so I shut it down

Next will be to bring it to a local technician to see if it can be fixed.


Apologies for being flip.

Have it checked, obviously, and if someone local can’t do it PS Audio’s service consistently gets very high marks. You have a great piece of gear - it’s worth repairing.

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Gosh, sorry to hear! Definitely bring it by your dealer. They will be able to get you back up and running through working with your local distributor.