Buying PWD from OS (power setting)

Guys, if I buy from the States, how can I arrange for the power setting on the given unit to be set to our setting of 230-240v?


This has to be performed by an authorized distributor in your country. Let us know where you are and we can recommend someone to you.

Thank Paul, am in NE New South Wales, about 150km south of the Qld border.

Love the PS Audio gear and Tony Wong is currently doing his best to get me to listen to the BHK 250. :)

“Love the PS Audio gear”

So do we! :)

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Sorry guys, am from Australia, haha, that info might help.

Hey Darren

If you find a BHK to listen to in Oz, let me know if you think they’re better than your JC’s (& if so, how much better); Paul swears the BHK will demolish our respective sets of beloved JC’s.


Hey Greenie, I shall do, I may have just such an opportunity soon re- the BHK 250.

I am highly cynical!! Haha!! Anyhoo, shall do if the opportunity presents itself. They would want to be good to make me sell my JC 1’s.