Equipment for Philipines

I have a PS Audio Direct Stream Jr DAC and a Perfect Wave Transport. There is a chance I might be moving to the Philippines. Does PS Audio build a DAC and Transport that will work in the Philippines, 220/60 hz with the power cord that will work in the electrical outlet there?

Philippines Power is 230v/60hz it is in Cebu. Other islands might be different. Standard US plugs work in the outlets there.

You might want to contact PS audio and see if they can change the power supply to 230v.

Another option is KCC scientific makes a regenerator that will take 100-240v and make it 115 or 230, 50 or 60hz.

The power in PH is really crap. I would look at getting a PS audio regenerator in 230v and using it. My P3 will go into over voltage protection 1-2 times a month.

PM me if you want more info on PH I moved there in 2018.

Thanks for your response. I have a lot of questions, just getting started in the planning phase. My wife is Filipina and we have family in the Manila area. I will call PS Audio and see if they can help me out with the conversion to 220. I hope you wont mind if I get in touch a little later with questions I have concerning moving there. Thanks

Yes, feel free to give us a buzz. We’ll be able to work something out for you and convert the power supplies.

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