Bybee iSQE V2 review

I saw this and was intrigued
I had already used the V1 version in some of my equipment.
After reading the review I went ahead and purchased 8 of the devices, a pretty steep investment for a tweak.
They seem to be only available from and in Canada.
They do come with a 30 day return option.

What they do - air is viscous, and that makes sense, look at the work to make F1 racing cars, planes more aerodynamic so when sound is travelling in your room it is being compresseed by the air it is moving against. The V2’s work on the nitrogen and oxygen in the room and make it less dense so the sound travels with less resistance.
These are obviously non active tweaks in they are not changing any of your electronics in your system so you’d think they have no effect,… which is incorrect.

I received them pretty quickly and installed in the following places.

  • One just under the bottom of each speaker grill, so just under my bottom driver.
  • One close to the centre of the middle driver in both of my speakers.
  • Two at my mains junction box, one at the top and the other at the bottom.
  • One under and one sitting on top of my double stacked mono power amps.

It took about two days for the sound to settle and I obtained the following improvements.
The music became clearer and easier to follow.
There was a relaxed but focused clarity to the music.
It was as if a light had been shone on the music, hard to explain but everything seemed easier to follow and made more sense.
One of my favourite albums, the 50th anniversary remaster of Sgt Pepper just sounded really clean and clear, the best I’ve heard it.

I emailed ByBee to get some more info and my queries were sent on the Tweekgeek as Bybee manufactures the ‘bits’ but they are assembled and tested before shipping by Tweekgeek.
Orientation of the device doesn’t matter.
Seems they are pretty indestructible, possible to drop them from 10 feet.
The battery should last a lifetime.

I may update this post as I remember more information.