Cable Sutra - Whisper Power Cord, Common Ground Cables

You mentioned a good point. Both my pre and amps have tube inputs. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on revised Whisper vs. Whisper Elite.

Dragon Source sounded best in PST, but then the streamer chain would not benefit from it. I may need another better PC for the streamer later. It never ends.

Upgrade to Furutech connectors and AL and Cu wrapper. No tuning ring.
I power the HDPLEX300 that does DC in my chain.

The Whisper Elite the router

Where did you park Dragon finally?

I finally parked at DS because both the streamer and transport benefit from it. I found BHK pre has the least audible difference from power cords in my system. This evaluation makes me realize the beginning sources are more revealing than other places. I do not know if I have different sources or DACs the case would be the same.

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This is exactly why my Router/Switch LPS and Regenerator gets the best Power Cords I own. The digital source passes through it twice every song.


Don’t forget your Shunyata cable cradle!

If masterful means Mr. Gabriel finally saw a Furutech catalog, I suppose that’s something to celebrate.


I’m holding out for the AQ Dragon cable cradle.

I am surprised they don’t already have one. Cables seem to only get heavier.

Though I will say, the Stealth that Al loaned me was surprisingly light, helium aside. There’s not enough volume for the helium to make any difference in the weight.

How do you like the Stealth? Assuming you were not confused by all the changes you have done since the cable arrived.

The stealths are super light.

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Got your PM! Hope you will recover soon, and now you have more time tweaking! :grin:

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This tweak is dedicated to @Duncan_Taylor. We were discussing tuning ring tweaks and the tweakitis master shared this. AB 7050HF tuning rings on DC cords coming off the LPS driving the router switch. I cut a half inch strip and made a tuning ring for my Ghent Gotham GAC-4 power cord sending a 12volt 5 amp signal to the router switch. Duncan called it a small effect compared to how the Whisper Elite responds.

It is another game changer for me. Much clearer and smoother highs with still great bass slam. I have to be close to the lPS output but oh yeah! So far feels so Good Chuck Mangione, Hallelujah Jeff Buckley,
My My Hey Hey(Out Of The Blue) Neil Young and Crazy Horse. All Just Breathtaking beautiful highs quiet background and PRaT.

If I had 1,000,00 Dollars. Barenaked Ladies. None of the previous congestion. I will ride this awhile previous up the power cord positioning failed to give the openess as pictured. So much recording space and openess.

That is another “must try” for me; tomorrow afternoon after golf! Thanks!

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I am more than pleased with it. After listening awhile i moved it up another 3/16” away from LPS connector. It really hit a balanced stride in that position. I will find away to lock it down so it doesn’t slide. So far one of my favorite absorber tweaks.

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Great! I only need a tiny piece to try since the DC cord is skinny :grinning:

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Yes!! Glad it worked on your shielded cables, and super glad it was a big effect for your system. I feel that in my system the tuning rings are close, but still approximate, and I really need to do some dialing in after reading about yours and Donald’s adventures with the Dragon PC rings. I’m also going to try another small ring on the DC cable going to the Nordost QPoint, but not expecting as significant of an effect. Open to being proved wrong though.

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This new LPS tuning ring tweak may not work in my setup because I use Wi-Fi and I do not use a switch. I could only put a ring on the small DC line from IFI iPower PS to the Orbi satellite to try.

Golfing all day yesterday then had to pack for my daughter. She is going back to Cal for Sr. Yr. So, we are packing everything to drive to Berkeley today. My older daughter is flying back tomorrow for her Napa trip with some friends. I may just turn off my audio system to give it a rest for the week.

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Arguably the best tweak…

The Big Rig almost always sounds great after being away for a while.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?


Agreed! My ears need some rest too🙂