Cable to P-10

I currently have a 12 year old PS Xstream Statement power cord from the wall to my P-10 with an AC-12 to my Directstream Dac and a Zu Event to my Pass 30.8 amp. I am planning to replace the Zu cable with an AC-12 but wonder if it is worth replacing the Xtream with an AC-12? If the P-10 regenerates the power why actually use anything more than the #12 Romex going to my dedicated outlet?

I personally feel you’ll reap a lot of benefits from an AC-12 to the P10. I have several xStream Statements and a lot of AC-12s, a few AC-10s, an AC-5, a few Decware and My Audio Cable power cords. I’ve tried nearly each from the wall to my P5 and the AC-12 clearly is the ONE for this application from my cord stable.

Dynamics and a wide open mid-range is what I expect you would most and first notice with a swap.