Power Cord for my new P-10

I’m curious as to what some of my fellow P-10 owners are using for a power cord.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


PS Audio AC-5

PS Audio AC-12

Kimber Kable PK10 Ascent with Wattgate Rhodium Evo connectors

I use a PS Audio AC12 on mine. When they designed the P10 which power cable do you think they used?

PS Audio AC-12. In fact all my components have one plugged in the back. Works very well for me, no inclination to change.

Chord Sarum Super Aray 1.5m

Custom made as PS Audio hasn’t received Australian certification for their power cords.

PS Audio AC-5

I have used Wireworld Electra 7 as well. The Wireworld if 2M or longer do a great job if you have noise in the ac line.

This was very debatable for me as it was an expensive decision.

If the power is converted and coming out steady and clean what does it matter?

Well I did realize benefit moving up the Nordost line from Frey 2 to Valhalla 2, and also use the grounding from QKore via RJ45 which makes a profound affect.

Very happy overall!

I ordered a few VooDoo cable Fire power cords from VooDoo on close out. Killer price. Should have on Tuesday.

I also ordered a few VooDoo power cords at the “end of life” close out sale;
Electra for the DS
Electra for the Sonore SSR
Black Diamond for the P300
Black Diamond for the P3

How did they perform? Any feedback? I ordered the Fire model. Going to use them for my BHK 300’s and P10

Just ordered on the 22nd, maybe I’ll have them by the end of the week.

To power my pair of JRDG725s2 monoblocks, I have two P-10s, and I’m using the Audience Au24 SX powerChords for the connection to the dedicated wall duplexes.

Is it true that Jay Victor of Pangea designed all the PS Audio Power Cables?


There was no mention of PS Audio, so I’m assuming that your question is more open ended than it sounds. My take on the statement “Jay was New Products Development Manager for the most famous cable company in the country“ is he worked for Belden. Certainly would be interesting to find out what “audiophile” companies he designed for.

I hate this sort of teaser CV which hints at qualifications and experience.

“New Products Development Manager for the most famous cable company in the country” may refer to Monster. Or Belden. Or who knows?

I’m under the impression he designed cables for PS Audio. He definitely worked for Monster in the past.