Totem Mani 2


I’m evaluating some loudspeakers to pair with my new Ps Audio power amp, what do you think about the Mani 2s, could they be a good match?

Any other suggestions in the 2000 - 3000$ range, used?

Thank you very much


Which PS Audio power amp?

Hi, Steve,

ypu are right, my original post has been slightly modified by the forum’s moderators, the power amp is a BHK 250…

Thank you for your interest.


FYI: Your post has not been modified; it has no edit history.

I’m not familiar with those speakers. My BHK250 loves my Wilson Sophia 3’s. I tend to think this amp would work well with the vast majority of speakers. But I’m probably biased.

I personally owned the Mani-2’s for several years. They produced immense bass for such a small enclosure due to the isobaric design. I powered them with Simaudio Moon W-5’s at that time which had 175wpc solid state. No problem driving them with any high current amplifier. The speakers have a more difficult load, but IME the BHK 250 should have no problem driving them. One thing about the Mani-2’s just so you know, they get more volume up to a limit then the woofer will bottom out and make an unpleasant sound. That was my main beef with them, was the limiting dynamics. If you listen at more moderate levels, there is no issue. I listen low level and high level at times approaching 90+Db average for short periods.


I also owned the Totem Mani-2, and loved them. I powered them with a Classe DR-25, which put out 250 watts into 8 ohms. I had them set up in a large Loft, and they easily filled the space with great sound. I pushed them pretty hard, but never experienced the bass bottoming out. They did have a tendency to get a little edgy on the top, with the metal dome tweeter. Which is why the slightly dark sounding Classe amp was a good match.

I have no doubt the BHK 250 would be an excellent match for this speaker, despite that it’s more neutral than the Classe amp was, as long as other components in the system don’t tip the scale in the other direction.

I owned the original Mani-2’s and then the Signature version (they’re better! particularly with the top end edge). I ran them with an EAR 890 tube amp with Ei KT-90’s, with a MacIntosh 402, and finally with a Conrad Johnson Premier 350 (an amp designed by none other than BHK!). I liked them quite a lot in my smallish room. They could harden up top when pushed, yes, but I never heard the bass bottom out, even at ear splitting rock levels (but a smallish room).

I am highly confident that the BHK 250 would be a nice match, and it certainly could drive them just fine. And you could tube roll the 6922 input tubes to adjust the flavor to your liking. That’s my 2 cents.