Can PS Audio Please Sell Merch? - I Will Buy a PS Audio T-Shirt and Hat

Make iconic brands and they speak for themselves.



"Would anyone know or care who PS Audio is where you live? " This statement hit me. It is important to me. Couldn’t care less what any one else thinks.

I thought the idea of branding was simply and solely to get customers to act as free marketeers, indeed pay the company for merchandise to promote the company. What other possible reason?

These aren’t free and yet they are very popular among some people.

It’s not so much about advertising as affinity. It says “I like this. It’s important to me”. Much like my formerly large collection of Apple shirts. Or my concert t-shirts. Plus it is a sign to possible other people who are “in the know” that invites them to “come talk to me. We have something in common”.

My 2¢


I always look at it as hey, we are in the same club, we have stuff in common, we are like minded. I “cherish” my Stax, Chicago Blues Festival, Panovision, tees. Crazy, right?



Anytime I travel (wow remember those days?) and go to a record store that I like, I always grab a t-shirt.


I was in the habit of stopping by the BMW motorcycle dealers in whatever town I traveled to on TDY and picking up a tee. It was good for them (basically free money because they sell a $3 cost shirt for $30) good for me (I love tees and it helped me find other BMW riders) and good for BMW motorcycles. Like how I’ll say to anyone I see wearing a U of Miami shirt or hat…”Go Canes”.

Maybe I’m being manipulated by big capital to advertise. Oh well. It makes me happy.

So when the PS Audio merch comes out? I’ll probably buy a shirt or a hat for the time I FINALLY get to go to an AXPONA to find my peeps.

The more I think about this, it seems very nuanced. I love the company I work and I proudly wear my PS Audio shirts. It’s never sparked up in conversations in public, but that’s fine. If I worked for Walmart, I probably wouldn’t be as excited to wear my work shirt.

I really like watching movies on my Sony TV. If my TV came with a free shirt, sure, I’d probably wear it while I’m out hiking or something. Probably not if I’m going to a social event or something (when those can happen again). I have nothing wrong with them as a brand, but it seems a little weird.

I do however have a Specialized (bicycle brand) branded t-shirt that I love wearing in public and social events. I like biking more than I like to watch my TV, but that’s not really the point. I feel like I’m in a slightly more exclusive club wearing my bike shirt. Those that know and like the brand may appreciate it.


The only place I would NOT wear a PS Audio shirt is at a stereo convention standing around in the PS Audio exhibit. :wink:

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I’m old enough so that if I’m wearing a t-shirt to a social event, it has to be a pretty damned informal social event. Then I don’t think I’d care what brand the shirt had on it, as long as I thought it was cool.

I’d wear a Kleenex or Vicks Vap-o-rub or Dixon Ticonderoga t-shirt if it had the right vibe. At some point it becomes ironic, right? Then anything goes. (Not sure if Depends Adult Diaper swag would ever become cool, or if I’d want to be in that exclusive club, but who knows.)

If we’re talking old TVs, I’d rock a Curtis-Mathes t-shirt any day of the week.

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I do enjoy wearing my complimetary MAX BMW t-shirt commemorating 100 years of evolution.

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Alas I ride a non-boxer BMW so I’m outside the family tree.

I can relate. My S1000RR’s engine is an inline 4. Nothing sticking out to the sides but aftermarket frame sliders.

I was in a dealer once looking at an F-bike and another customer came up to me and started telling me how it wasn’t a “real” BMW. He was SERIOUSLY obnoxious about it. Repeating it again and again. I’ve only ever owned F-bikes, and he REALLY rubbed me the wrong way that day so I actually left without buying anything. It seriously never occurred to him that I may LIKE the smaller bike. Asshat.

I pulled my sliders off the body. They were just in the way. I have one on the swing arm and two on the front axle. If I lose the bike I’m pretty sure it’ll get totaled anyhow so…

On a sport bike the sliders may protect just enough to let you limp home.

Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. I had them on for awhile, but on my bike they were always in the way. Given that I pretty much only ride for commuting and will never take it on a track day, I found the hassle to exceed the value. Of course everyone has their own feeling about that; this was just mine.