Can PS Audio Please Sell Merch? - I Will Buy a PS Audio T-Shirt and Hat


Alot of Youtubers sell what they are calling “merch” and it’s usually clothing with their logo on it. This would generate added revenue and advertises the brand.

No pressure…just think it would be cool.

You have my Second, Darren may have some extra time. :grinning:
Just kidding Scott will do a good job.

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I am totally on board with t-shirt and hat.

Purch the merch

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Might just make you look like an employee who couldn’t be bothered to change their T-shirt.

I’ve never worn a piece of merchandise clothing myself, but bought my elder son a Radiohead tour T-shirt at a show in 2012 and he’s been wearing it ever since. Given it’s been through about 1,000 wash and dry spin cycles, I’m amazed it’s still largely intact.

Please, don’t assign the “merch” business to anyone working with actual hifi products or software.

Funny. We’re actually working on PS Audio merch. It’s been a project my son, Scott’s been working on.


Given the popularity of enthusiast merchandise, most of us think enthusiast when seeing someone wearing merch, not employee.

When I see someone wearing a Grace Design hat, a Ducati hoodie, an Avalon Design t-shirt I do not think employee.

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Thanks Paul!

I edited to add a request…

Paul, if the T-shirts can be made from pre-shrunk blanks that would be greatly appreciated so they don’t shrink in the wash. Thanks again!

If I saw someone wearing a Grace Design hat or Avalon Design t-shirt I’d think employee, because they are brands I’ve never heard of. I have heard of Ducati, so I would think fanboy. It’s really a matter of how well known the brand is. Would anyone know or care who PS Audio is where you live? Plus I live in a fairly style-conscious town, so anyone wearing a merch T-shirt is highly likely to be an employee coming to or from work who forgot to put their coat on, or a tourist.


It kinda depends. If it were a polo with ps audio in the corner I could see people thinking you work there…

Simply a T-shirt with “PS AUDIO” in the center and you’re just working on your sailboat or something. Now thats a conversation starter.


If I had a sailboat and someone started a conversation about audio equipment, I think I’d accidentally knock them overboard. I reminds me when I was 20s and single at a party with some married couples and overheard a conversation about dishwashers or some other domestic appliance. A single friend and I made a quick exit.

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I have a strict rule of only wearing my sponsors attire. No free advert. :wink:

Yes! If you make it…we will buy…

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all of us

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You need to get out more.

We get it; you do not like merch.

Do not worry; no one will hold you down and force you to wear a disgusting PS Audio t-shirt in your sophisticated town.


Never heard of Avalon or Grace. Where do I go out to see them?

Actually, we get out quite a lot for a pandemic. Two exhibitions, two restaurants and a round of golf this weekend, a concert tomorrow. Are Avalon or Grace related to audio? - if so they involve a lot of staying in, probably in dark rooms.

I am probably the least cool person in my town. My lack of dress sense is a constant source of concern in these parts. Monotone is good.

This is cool.

I have a branded T-shirt - Leica I think - it was a present and I don’t remember ever wearing it. I had a look and Walmart Man seems to be the goto T-shirt man.

and he’s here again

Only pulling your leg. I think everyone should have a PS Audio shirt. The profit margin is about 1,000% Then Paul can give up designing hifi.

PS Audio swag would be cool, but please leave the bathroom products to those other guys… :rofl: :poop: