PS Audio LED Logo

Hey @Paul – It would be pretty cool to see one of these for PS Audio in a soft blue color, don’t ya think? (I would buy one!) :smiley:


Funny but I am such a fanboy I would buy one as well. Of course it would be plugged in on a different circuit than my audio gear!

I agree and am also waiting for a logo Pocket T-shirt.



Right, with your forum name on it. Hello, @Paul how about a PS Audio swag shop? Merch is how Harley Davidson actually makes money you know!

Hell yeah, I would love a PS Audio shirt! A PSA baseball cap would be awesome as well.

Purch the merch!

I am holding out for PS Audio luggage.


I contacted Joe @ Grove Engravers and he said no problem. He does custom ones all the time. Just need to select the logo design. I’ve ordered one and will post the pics once I’ve received it.

He’ll send me a draft before cutting for approval. Went with the classic. None of the gear is visible so it might be fun to have this in view.


Looks good, Brett - it’ll be interesting to see the draft!

Here’s the draft. The letters and dark regions will reflect the LED light, any one of ~12 colors.

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 10.10.20 AM


And that will stand on the black weighted base like those on the website? I have all silver gear, any chance the base can be polished Aluminium or something to match?

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. I was actually just wondering the other day about logo polo shirts, while watching one of Paul’s videos.

I was sporting some of my PS gear while I was down in NZ.
Sadly no one recognized me nor the PS logo :pensive:


With that view, you had your face in a bag of chips? :wink:


I gotta hand it to them, they do crisps right in NZ.


As I understand, yes. Given the cost the base is undoubtedly plastic from China. I don’t know if the acrylic can be removed from the base or not but it could be masked off and painted.

Best to ask Joe

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Just sent him a message, I’ll take it in black if that’s all they have. Thanks for doing the work for the prototype.

How about a PS Audio lightbox?

McIntosh sells one for a mere $1,500.

Okay, I’m kidding - something like this doesn’t seem to be in PSA’s DNA.

It’s nice, but I don’t know if it’s $1500 nice.

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Turns out they have a wood base so I got that.

Oh, I’d prefer that too. Any pictures?