Can PS Audio Please Sell Merch? - I Will Buy a PS Audio T-Shirt and Hat

This makes perfect sense.

I only ride to go fast in the twisties, usually gone all day and put 400 miles of aggressive riding in at a time. I like anything which may help.

Plus, the bikes are narrow enough sliders do not get in the way. I forget they are there. It had not occurred to me they could otherwise be a bother.

The F bikes make perfect sense for all around use, good choice.

Thanks. I went from a thumper F650CS to an F800GT for a better seat and a sixth gear. Although I still miss that thumper. Always will.

I started late, in my 40s, so I went modest. I like the smallness of the bike. And I have short legs for my height so the F-series was more or less made for me.

I very nearly got a Honda CB919, but my safety class instructor was very earnest in suggesting it was too much bike for me to start with. I did ride one once after I’d been riding for a year. He was almost certainly correct. But I still see that fireblade as “the one that got away” as the guy selling the one I rode was basically giving it away. (didn’t want two bikes in storage right before deployment so I passed. “Here honey, you can move TWO bikes around the garage while I’m in Kabul!” Sigh.)

Anyhow. Back on topic. I want my T-shirt!!

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Almost bought an F 800 ST (pre GT) for my first bike.

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Back to audio, for tube lovers … and T-shirt man is back.

and one for the R&D department

I guess most younger folks will confuse this with condom marketing…


T-shirt man has the answer …

Comparing the last two images, they are the same image with the T-shirt colour and logo superimposed. All terribly clever.

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Ha, you underestimate the lack of fashion sense us Boulder folk have! Tie dye socks with sandals for example is widely accepted and commonplace here.


POLL - Pick the Text for the Back of a PS Audio T-shirt:

  • “Music. It’s all we do.”
  • "High Performance Home Audio Products.’’
  • “Bringing high-end music into peoples’ lives since 1974.”
  • “Please don’t compare PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan to God. Yes, he’s cool and all … but he’s no Paul McGowan.”

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My Vote:

What’s in a NAIM?

Remind me when I visit Boulder to come in my time machine, set to about 1973.

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Can’t think of anything hifi loaded with sexual innuendo.


Not in the same league as the AE109 UK print ad with a completely naked woman.

Copy the logo. Take it to any t-shirt shop. Have them make anything you want with the logo on a t-shirt, hat, or your underwear, for that mattter.

mmmm ps audio underpants

Sure. I can go down and make up a silkscreen in an afternoon and be printing shirts by the same night. I can go to a shop too and probably pick it up the next day. Hell, if I have a cricut machine, I’ll have an iron on in under an hour. And I can always just put one of my stickers on a shirt in seconds.

But there’s something to be said for “putting my money where my mouth is” and giving the company I love some extra dough to get their swag. When a company sells a t-shirt for $25, it doesn’t go at cost, and while that money is at the margins, it makes me feel like I’m supporting them without having to buy a four-figure box of electronics.

If the company doesn’t want to sell swag because it’s just another thing to keep track of? More power to them. And then I make my own like I did my Bill the Cat t-shirts I screened for me and my friends in high school. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If they don’t want to do it, maybe I’ll make up a screen and sell y’all some shirts. At cost, of course since I shouldn’t be making money on their identity. :wink:

Your mileage may vary.

Hey, Bill-the-cat! Have you any XXL left? I will take a new or used T-Shirt.
A New Hope Episode (X)XI

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I don’t think I even still have the screens to that anymore. That was a 5-color print (I only do spot colors) so it was fairly labor intense. When I finished our run I think I pulled the screen off the frame and tossed it because it was so much work and such a PITA to get just right.

One color screens are trivial for a punter like me. But multi-colors are almost like work. Lol.

Not screens, but stencils. Man, looking at this takes me back. It was a lot more work before inkjet printers!!

And, yes, I’m an American who buys A4 paper and notebooks from importers because the international standard makes infinitely more sense. I loathe American paper sizes.




I’m an audiophile I just use cash instead of toilet paper.

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