Dectet and DirectStream DAC, good idea?

Hi, I just recently had the luck to purchase a used DirectStream DAC and have been left amazed by the musicality of it.

This is the first serious component I put in my system, it replaced an rme adi2-dac driving an apollon icepower 1200 amp and a pair of spatialaudio m3 turbo speakers.

I also bought a PSAudio Dectet, thinking it would be good to protect the DAC.

At first I connected all to the Dectect, amplifier on HC zone and the DAC alone on Zone1. The Dectet itself connected with a level 3 anticables powercord and the rest with random black power cables.

I soon realized the poweramp was doing better straight out of the wall ac, on it’s own with the anticables cord.

Now before I spend the money on other two good powercords, one for the dectet and one for the DAC, I’ve been wondering if the DAC would not be better off as well straight to the wall - saving me the price of one power cord.

Any thought on whether the dectet is suited to the DirectStream DAC or I just risk capping its capabilities? I understand the DAC is in another league compared to the dectet, thus my doubts it can be a good match.

I sold mine and put in a 20 amp dedicated circuit with 4 outlets. Dectet made my system sound like poop.

I am using DS Dac and tube amps and pre

Thanks, have you experienced having just the DAC on the dectect and the amps on their own?

What’s a 20amp dedicated circuit like? Any link?

Dac on Decte and amps on their own…?

Dont think I ever tried that. But why bother? I imagine it its crappy for one item, it would be crappy for another.

As for the 20 amp dedicated, I just had my electrician do it while he was here doing other stuff.


Cause I immagine the problem with dectet and amps is that they need as much power as they can concume, while for a DAC this may very well not be an issue. I would need other two good power cords to test - cause it’s clear that wathever components I put on the anticalbes cord sounds better.

Well give it a try and let us know. I would be interested if there is a change.

Looking back my thoughts were not for protection since the DSD has a fuse and house has breakers…i mainly used it as a good quality strip (I thought) because my outlets were not convenient.

Since you have the ability to plug your amps directly…then your intent is different than mine was.