Can we get the SGCD Roon Tested?

Just saw this in the Roon FB group, Rotel has been “Roon Tested”. It would be great to have the SGCD listed as Roon Tested

“Roon Tested” status should be a given for a company that already has a working relationship with Roon. Apparently it’s pretty straightforward, especially compared to “Roon Ready”. Roon Tested apparently deals with relatively simple compatibility issues. I chose my office unit in part for Roon Tested status as I also use my Roon Core/Server as a usb-output streamer (Roon Transport). It allows me to use Roon on a non-Roon Ready device.

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 19.03.45

Not at all straight forward. Although NAD was already a Roon partner, it took them thirteen months to get the firmware to the point that Roon would certify the M33. And I’ve read on the Roon forums of it taking up to two years for a unit to get certified. Plus, it doesn’t matter if Roon has a working relationship with a manufacture or not. They will not certify ANY component until it meets Roon’s stringent requirements.

You’re talking about the M33 being “Roon Ready”, which is vastly more complicated than “Roon Tested”. Roon Ready usually takes at least 18 months, as it allows Roon to effectively take over the device. It also requires the Roon Transport (streamer) to be installed. Roon Tested is basically ensuring compatibility and has a few added features for example means I can control my DAC/amp from my keyboard when using Roon when working. This is very useful, and the Roon window does not have to the active window on the computer for the F keys to control the unit.

In my set-up I’m effectively using the Roon Transport externally and Roon Tested means it will work with it.

My main system is Roon Ready, as are three other devices around the house (2x Devialet Reactor, Naim MusoQb2).

Roon Ready is usually possible by a software upgrade. My Devialet Expert became Roon Ready three years after I bought it. I would hope PS Audio have software upgradeability.