Will DSJr. Still be Enabled After Sept. 21st?

Roon says all Dac’s that didn’t become Roon Ready by Sept. 21 (if they originally said they would be) will not be enabled after that date. I’d like to know if my DSJr. Is in danger. Anybody know?

According to the Roon website it’s certified.

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Well, when I go to Audio in Roon Settings, the DSJr. shows up, but it says it is uncertified. Thus, my concern. And, when I click on the Not Certified warning, it says “This device has not been certified by Roon Labs and may not function properly.” Maybe there needs to be some conversation between PSAudio and Roonlabs before Sept. 21st.

If I were you I’d head over to the roon forum and reply to the thread on the topic. Roon COO Danny Dulai seems to be answering user questions as they arise.

My DSjr looks ok. I attached a screenshot showing the DSjr bridge2 firmware version as well as the Roon RAAT SDK version.

The Bridge II is ROON certified so I don’t have a concern. If we do run into any trouble, we’ll definitely have a fix.