Cannot update DirectStream Jr to Torrey's

Had this under “Uncertified Roon” but am getting no response:

Verified I am on Yale. I downloaded the Torreys DS Jr update, went through the install process (following the directions) and re-booted. Everything appeared to update normally. However in checking the FW I still have Yale. I have done this 6 times.

I have tried with both MAC/PC formatted USB drives. I have copied the zip file to the drive (seemed to update the FW) and the 4 files separately (did not seem to load the FW) - all with no luck.

I had previously updated the bridge software since Roon did not see the DSJ. Once I did Roon saw the DSJ but it was showing as Uncertified which was traced to not being on Torrey’s.

Could the Bridge update be causing a problem? Should I be re-loading Yale to roll back the bridge and than update Torrey’s? Could this be a hardware issue?

Would really like to be on the latest firmware to see what this equipment is capable of…

Thank you

Try this force load updater for the JR


Thanks Dennis. Please confirm zip file on the usb drive or the zip contents. Thank you

Unzip the file to the root directory of the drive.


Inserted the USB drive with the unzipped files. Shut off unit for 20 seconds. Powered on. Blue light blinked twice. Software loaded. Still on Yale

Are you sure the drive is formatted FAT-16 or FAT32? Not exFAT or NTFS? Also you need to use the OS eject function when removing the drive from your system.


It was NTFS. Formatted to FAT32. Same result. I always eject properly so that is not it. Thank you

Re-formatted the USB to FAT16. Copied the files. Blinked twice and loaded FPGA. Still on Yale

Found another USB drive. Already FAT32. Added the 4 files. Blinked for about 2 minutes before loading. Still Yale

Delete all files on the USB stick. Delete zip file. Redownload the zip file. Then unzip them to the USB drive. Try again.


Tried that 3 times. Also tried another full re-format of usb drive to FAT32. PeaZip extraction of the 4 files to the drive. DSJ blinked for 2 minutes. Loaded the software. Still Yale

This makes about 25 times at this point

This is what the FW looks like:


Can you call us on monday? Let’s get you some personal help. Jeremy can walk you through. Sorry it’s been so frustrating. We’ll get it for you.

Will do Paul