'Force update' firmware for DSjr

My Directstream Junior is having some Bridge issues – I tried a downgrading to Huron and back to Redcloud but it has the issue where it shows ‘version’.

I recall some folks had this fixed with a troubleshooting ‘force update’ firmware but I can’t find the relevant thread or the file on the downloads page.

PS Audio support is taking a well deserved holiday until the 9th which is ages to be without music so I’d really appreciate it if anyone had a link they could share!

just type in the forum search bar and you will find pages and pages of information.
The forced version of the software is not public distribution, you need to get it from PS Audio directly. Or somebody might email it to you, although I’m not sure how PS Audio feel about back door distribution of the forced versions. I guess they’d be OK with it.

Some of the forced versions have your serial number in them. YMMV

Thanks @Brodric and @tedsmith

I did find one on a thread and it worked fine but unfortunately hasn’t fixed the Bridge. I’ll wait for support to get back in touch and hopefully they can sort it.