How to open the PWD MK II

PWD died while playing music. Fuses??

I read the How to on,

I saw the Video - Upgrade to DSD.

But still i cannot open it!

regards from Germany

If you removed the 4 outer screws on the bottom of the unit - the very outer ones along the edge - then the trick is to get some longer screws so the top cover can be pushed out. And yes, there are fuses in the PWD II and they may need to be replaced. Alternatively, contact your distributor Jurgen.

Thank you!

I opened the PWD and replaced the 2 Fuses, one was broken.

I started tthe PWD and wups dead again.

My question:

I bought it regular in Australia and took it home to Germany.

Is warranty worldwide?

Can I send the PWD to Jürgen Sachweh with warranty?

The warranty is worldwide. Contact Jurgen.

Jürgen was very helpful. MK2 is running fine again!!

Thank You both

Great news!